Adam MacDougall Thinks Rossdog Sacking will Hurt Knights Coach

Newcastle Knights coach Nathan Brown has dumped fan favourite Nathan Ross to reserve grade over his public push for a contract upgrade this week.

Ross trained with the Knights reserve grade side yesterday, while Brendan Elliott trained on the left wing with the first grade squad ahead of Sunday’s clash with Penrith.

Knights legend Adam MacDougall thinks the decision to drop the “Rossdog” could hurt Browny.

“I like Nathan (Brown) and I think he’s been Teflon up to this point but I think it’s the dumbest thing he’s done. He’s been untouchable. The Knights haven’t performed- lets be honest- I know they had a great win on the weekend, I know they are using the old card, the chestnut, “they’re a young team, they’re in development”.

You can really see the stark development of the Knights compared to Penrith a few weeks ago when they played one another, when the average age of the Penrith side was younger than the Knights. The excuse can’t always sustain you as a coach, you know, “we’re building for tomorrow”.

(Ross) was just asked an honest question and gave an honest answer to the journalist, the journalist was just doing his job, and Nathan Ross was just answering the question and I just think its a really bad look for everyone, and I don’t think it was a smart move. I think it’s going to come back and bite Nathan (Brown) in the bum unfortunately, and he’s going to have to start getting results sooner rather than later.

There’s certain channels- I’m not going to deny- there are certain things you should or shouldn’t I suppose “air your dirty laundry” sometimes but when you are asked a question by a journalist ….and you just give a simple response — a million other players, you know, who have done so the same this year as well, who’ve said they’re moving on to other clubs, they’re looking for releases, they’re doing this, they’re doing that- and they haven’t been dropped to reserve grade…I think it’s a bad look”

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