Dementia is growing as we age and live longer!

Brent speaks with Profess Karric Antsey from the University of NSW about how to assist to improving the chances of avoiding dementia.

Listen to the podcast here.

Prof Anstey completed her BA at The University of Sydney, where she won the Dick Thomson Prize for first place in honours year and The Australian Psychological Society Prize for best empirical research thesis. She subsequently went on to complete her PhD at the University of Queensland, and following this she received a NHMRC Training Fellowship to do postdoctoral study at Flinders University. After staying at Pennsylvania State University and the Max Planck Institute as a visiting scientist, she took up an associate professorship at the Australian National University, becoming Deputy Director of the Center for Mental Health Research. By 2010 Prof Anstey was Director of the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre, and by 2012 Director of the Centre of Ageing Health and Wellbeing. As of 2018 Prof Kaarin Anstey is a member of the WHO Guideline Development Group on Dementia Risk Reduction, and joined NeuRA as a Senior Principal Research Scientist, with over 350 publications and she now leads an innovative multi-disciplinary team addressing ageing research, with a focus on vital community lifestyle solutions around dementia in the Australian community. Using psychological and population health approaches, her research programs focus on interventions to reduce risk of dementia, cognitive ageing and decision-making, interventions to improve driving skill, and longitudinal studies of health and ageing.

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