Planning Commission Approves Williamtown Sand Mine

The Independent Planning Commission has approved a proposed sand mine at Williamtown.

A proposal was lodged by the Willamtown Sand Syndicate to turn four properties along Cabbage Tree Road into a quarry.

The mine would produce around 530,000 tonnes of sand each year for the Hunter and Sydney markets.

It comes despite much opposition from residents who have also been impacted by the PFAS contamination from the nearby RAAF base.

The Commission found there’s no evidence of PFAS in the sand or in the groundwater beneath it and says PFAS-related health problems are unlikely to result from the mine going ahead.

However the Williamtown Sand Syndicate will be required to operate under a few strict conditions.

The group is required to keep the mine above maximum groundwater level, monitor continually for PFAS chemicals and ensure appropriate responses are undertaken in the event PFAS is detected on site.

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