Hyundai supporting future car sharing with integrated car apps

Imagine you need a car urgently, you open your phone, book a nearby car, walk to it, use your phone to open and start the car. The owner who is at home for the day, earns money, you have a the car you need and this isnt the future its the now, Will Davies CEO from car next door explains.

Listen to the podcast here.

Who is Will Davies?

Will is focused on building businesses that reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by humans and help preserve the environment.

Before co-founding Car Next Door, Will founded several successful ventures in the mortgage & real estate industries. Namely: Scope Lending, a mortgage broking business that he sold in 2008 & Keypoint Holdings, which bought houses in the US.

Will served on the Board of Directors for Halotechnics ( a company that developed breakthrough materials to enable solar thermal plants to generate electricity 24 hours a day. Will also served on the Board of Directors for Fishburners, a not-for-profit co-working hub that caters for tech start ups.
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