Do you sign your emails with professional sign off? – Karen Gately

Brent speaks with Karen Gately about communication of today, SMS’s email and the dos and don’ts of what to say or not say when communicating, especially work related emails

Listen to the podcast here.

Karen is an executive advisor on human performance and leadership. Her approach is heavily influenced by the 25 years she spent training and teaching karate and as a 3rd dan black belt she can be very persuasive when she needs to be!

Karen really does have a lot to say so it’s lucky for her that she does what she does and lucky for us that she’s great at it. Her insight and thought leadership is easily accessible being the author of two books, regular contributor to business and lifestyle mazagines and frequent guest on national radio. And if that wasn’t enough her purple hair can often be seen on morning television.

Outside of work Karen forms an amazing partnership with her husband Kevin and their three children Jordan, Callan and Tamsyn. Karen is very proud that her eldest son Jordan is currently studying human resource management. They are an amazing family who genuinely enjoy each other’s company and in the summer months you can often find them enjoying the beach lifestyle at their retreat in Inverloch.
Oh and prior to founding Ryan Gately, Karen was the HR Director for Vanguard Group, Asia Pacific and held executive responsibility across client services, business strategy and planning as well as quality management.

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