UPDATE: Fire at Salt Ash

UPDATE: 3:30pm

An expected wind change may push the fire towards the Tanilba Bay area over the coming hours. Firefighters are in place to undertake property protection.

If you are visiting the Tanilba Bay, Mallabumla and Lemon Tree Passage areas and unable to leave due to road closures you can wait at the Tanilba Bay Bowling Club for further information on when the roads reopen.

UPDATE: 2:30pm

Emergency warning is in place.


UPDATE: 12:30pm

Lemon Tree Passage Road is now closed.


The fire at Salt Ash has now been upgraded to Watch and Act, as the windy conditions worsen.

Oyster Cove Road is also closed to traffic until further notice, and while Lemon Tree Passage Road is still open at this stage that could change in the near future.

The blaze has burnt through around 500 hectares so far, with firefighters still working to get it under control.

Residents around Brownes Road and Rookes Road are being urged to keep an eye on the changing conditions.

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