Scotty doesn’t no stunt, well played – Mark Carter

‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’

It’s been a tough week for the Prime Minister, not only has he faced a crushing defeat at the Wentworth by-election, he has also had his personal website taken over by a prankster who thought it would hilarious to redesign the site to play the racy teen punk song ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know.’

Human behaviour expert Mark Carter is good mates with the prankster in question, SEO supremo Jack Genesin. It was Jack who noticed that the domain name of had become available and he elected to purchase the still active website for $50.

Jack’s decision was not politically motivated and instead Jack saw this as an opportunity to send a message to the public that protecting our digital assets is as important as protecting the assets in our home.

You could imagine the damage that could have been inflicted by a political enemy, so in many ways, whilst embarrassing for the Prime Minister that a cheeky song was played through his site, it could have been far more damaging if someone had elected to post something offensive or racist on the eve of an election.

The prank has now gone viral, with millions now laughing at the Prime Minister’s expense, whilst Jack and the team he works with at Digital Eagles have pulled of a major marketing coup through the prank.

Mark says that it has not only been one of the most powerful figures in Australia who has fallen victim to such a prank, with multi-nationals such as Heinz and even Microsoft being caught out and that there are key lessons that we can all learn to ensure we do not end up suffering the same fate:

– See our own brand and digital assets as valuable and ensure they are well protected
– Know your people and ensure you are entrusting key areas of responsibility to the right people
– Even the best of us can become busy so share the load and do not make all key things the responsibility of one person
– The rise in digital has seen a rise in third party contractors, placing our reputations in the hands of others, so careful with whom you work
– Make sure business priorities are not missed, whether that be domain names or simply treating staff well to get the best out of them

here is a link to the site prior to PM Scott Morrison reacquiring his site

Listen to the podcast here.

Mark Carter is an expert in human behaviour and has built a professional reputation second to none, acquiring a catalogue of life experiences and knowledge through his own journey that many people can only dream about. He’s held senior and strategic leadership development roles in Asia Pacific, Europe and projects globally, including designing and implementing sales strategies and bespoke methodologies for billion dollar sales teams.

He approaches the subjects of leadership, sales, peak performance and behavioural sciences from a unique perspective of depth; with his knowledge crossing all industry channels, including e-commerce, advertising, travel, real estate, property, recruitment, hospitality, telecommunications, banking, government, not-for-profit and many more.

Multi-talented, Mark is a published author and is also called upon often to present at business seminars, is frequently invited to speak as keynote to set the theme, or as host for prestigious gala events.

His fascination for both big picture and quirky details of life, weaved with a masterful skill in communication, allows him to build relationships with his audiences leaving them intrigued, inspired and provoked into action.

Born in England, fermented in Scotland, nurtured by Europe and matured through several round world trips, Mark Carter is a truly global citizen. He now calls Australia, home where he enjoys the fruits of a sunny lifestyle. Mangoes, after all, don’t grow in Edinburgh.

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