That’s not living Barry – Karen Sander

Dumping the cocktails for the adventure

Remember the days where it was poolside cocktails followed by a lovely dinner, drinks with friends and maybe an evening walk.. was the mark of a great holiday. Well ‘baby boomers’ tastes are changing as they join the global market for adventure tourism, a $500 million market tipped to top 1.4 billion in 2023… So it’s out with the cocktails and in with the adventure.

From hiking the Himalayas, swimming with whale sharks, cycling a track that seems destined to defeat you, to simply doing social good with a community that needs help, thousands of Aussie tourists are hiking, swimming and cycling themselves to places they have never dreamed of.

Ageing Fearlessly founder, Karen Sander, herself a willing participant of adventure travel can discuss what is driving older Australians to leave the 5 star world behind, and seek out adventure instead. As part of the segment Karen can explore some of the more obscure places people are heading and also provide some tips to find the perfect place for your own adventurous holiday.

Listen to the podcast here.

1. Select the place or thing to do that most excites you, be brave you likely already know what you want to
2. Do the research, so there are no surprises on your adventure, remember when you are there it is too late to change your mind
3. Research all the things that you can do, after all you are there, so it would a shame to get home and discover you missed out on something awesome
4. If it’s physically exerting, make sure that you do the training and preparation, which will add excitement of the adventure ahead
5. Adventures are always best shared, so rope people in to come with you, that will make the training and research far more fun
6. The important point is to have fun, as what is point of adventure if we are not enjoying ourselves!

Karen Sander is on a mission to encourage people over 50 to be active and involved in the world around them, improving their longevity and quality of life.

With a passion for Ageing Fearlessly, Karen lives by the mantra that whilst ageing is inevitable, growing old is a choice and believes that the secret to Ageing Fearlessly is to look great, eat well, exercise regularly and maintaining strong social networks.

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She dedicates her life each day to inspiring those over 50 to see age as a number, not a hurdle, and for them to lead lives full of fun and vitality.
Happily sharing her secrets to Ageing Fearlessly, Karen helps people to find confidence, value who they are and to never underestimate themselves, taking people from what she calls “The Void of Invisibility” to “Ageing Fearlessly.”

Intent on smashing the perception of ageing, Karen has published her book, Ageing Fearlessly and view is that life after 50 should be a continuation of the exciting journey of life and is passionate to help both women and men ensure that they are still turning heads well after reaching this milestone in their lives.

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