Take stock of the wellness bank – Karen Sander

What is a wellness bank? Brent needed to ask what it is, and Karen Sander explains as we enter the festive season, its time to put more a little more in and try and take less out.

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Karen Sander is on a mission to encourage people over 50 to be active and involved in the world around them, improving their longevity and quality of life.

With a passion for Ageing Fearlessly, Karen lives by the mantra that whilst ageing is inevitable, growing old is a choice and believes that the secret to Ageing Fearlessly is to look great, eat well, exercise regularly and maintaining strong social networks.

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She dedicates her life each day to inspiring those over 50 to see age as a number, not a hurdle, and for them to lead lives full of fun and vitality.
Happily sharing her secrets to Ageing Fearlessly, Karen helps people to find confidence, value who they are and to never underestimate themselves, taking people from what she calls “The Void of Invisibility” to “Ageing Fearlessly.”

Intent on smashing the perception of ageing, Karen has published her book, Ageing Fearlessly and view is that life after 50 should be a continuation of the exciting journey of life and is passionate to help both women and men ensure that they are still turning heads well after reaching this milestone in their lives.

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