PTSD and Emergency Services Workers – Paul Spinks

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it
A recent study world first study of over 21,000 emergency service workers by Beyond Blue has shown that one in three suffers from some form of psychological stress, compared to one in eight Australians in other professions. The study found that issues with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) was the primary cause of such high numbers of distress.

There is an unspoken word in the emergency services world of ‘if you cannot handle what you see , you should not do the job’ and whatever you do don’t get caught crying.

Paramedic, Trauma counsellor and mental health advocate Paul Spinks will discuss not only how it is the trauma associated with the job that can cause issues, but how we all have the potential to face trauma in our loves and the importance of preparing ourselves for when that day comes.

Listen to the podcast here.

About Paul

Paul is an Advanced Care Paramedic for Queensland Ambulance, and a Councillor for fifteen years. Prior to this, he worked in employment services and in a rehab, as a National Training Manager conducting self-development courses to some of the countries hardest hit. Paul also spent time as a commercial pilot and worked alongside the safety department of Qantas and Ansett, where he recognised the correlation between the development of an aircraft accident and the country’s ailing mental and physical health epidemic. His stories are taken from the treating chair of an Ambulance and cut straight to the core, so strap on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

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