Thats why they call it the Blues – Mark Carter

Breaking the with holidays blues

We have had the Turkey, the fireworks and for the lucky ones some time away in the sun or travelling some far off continent and suddenly its all over as the alarm clock buzzes and we wake with that feeling of dread as we head back to work, with the fun of the holiday season already seeming a distant memory as we drag ourselves into our workplaces.

Human behaviour expert Mark Carter says that is natural to feel a letdown after spending time away from work and will explore whether how to make sure the holiday blues does not become permanent in 2019.

How to identify if the holiday blues are a problem

  • You ignore difficult tasks, start half finishing tasks and begin to put off until tomorrow what you know you can do today
  • Your attention to detail drops, you stop caring about mistakes and are tuning out of meetings
  • You are boring colleagues with the unedited description of your trip as you wishing you were there and not here
  • you’re on websites already planning, in great detail, the next holiday
  • Every time you face the mirror in the morning you are asking yourself, what am I doing with my life?

Overcoming the blues

·         Put a ramp up plan back place on your terms, be strategic rather than leaving it to chance and aim to not feel busy but to feel productive

·         Avoid overwhelm by not saying yes to every meeting, spacing yourself is a better way to get back into things

·         Coming back into work can feel like the endless onslaught of ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ so apply the concept of ‘Triage’ to focus on priorities and use that as your guidance

·         If you find your email burgeoning, or expectations of others stressful now is a great time to purge the former and set new boundaries with the latter

·         A break often helps individuals reflect and highlight where the flaws are, so a great time to make changes and set clear goals

·         As simple as it sounds, get to bed early for a couple of good night’s sleep, helping you to help reenergise and refocus

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Mark Carter is an expert in human behaviour and has built a professional reputation second to none, acquiring a catalogue of life experiences and knowledge through his own journey that many people can only dream about. He’s held senior and strategic leadership development roles in Asia Pacific, Europe and projects globally, including designing and implementing sales strategies and bespoke methodologies for billion dollar sales teams.

He approaches the subjects of leadership, sales, peak performance and behavioural sciences from a unique perspective of depth; with his knowledge crossing all industry channels, including e-commerce, advertising, travel, real estate, property, recruitment, hospitality, telecommunications, banking, government, not-for-profit and many more.

Multi-talented, Mark is a published author and is also called upon often to present at business seminars, is frequently invited to speak as keynote to set the theme, or as host for prestigious gala events.

His fascination for both big picture and quirky details of life, weaved with a masterful skill in communication, allows him to build relationships with his audiences leaving them intrigued, inspired and provoked into action.

Born in England, fermented in Scotland, nurtured by Europe and matured through several round world trips, Mark Carter is a truly global citizen. He now calls Australia, home where he enjoys the fruits of a sunny lifestyle. Mangoes, after all, don’t grow in Edinburgh.

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