It’s “Tech Talk” with Geoff Quattromani – Sonos can now go outside!

It’s “Tech Talk” as Geoff Quattromani joins Brent Bultitude to discuss – How, Sonos have made the announcement we have been waiting for. Sonos can now go outside with the Sonos Move. Samsung add another 5G phone to their lineup, this time targeting the mid-range. This adds even more pressure to the Apple announcement coming on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Improved robot vacuums are around the corner with Ecovacs announcing a new model that promises to do a better job. Using your smart speaker to make calls is now doable with Telstra supporting Google Assistant to begin with.  Facebook is set to launch a dating section of their social networking platform. If anyone knows more about you than yourself, it’s Facebook, and it has over 200 million listed singles already. 

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