Geoff Quattromani tells about the All New Aspera 4G Flip Phone

It’s “Tech Talk” as Geoff Quattromani joins Brent Bultitude to discuss – The Apple Airpods Pro have arrived, Geoff’s  been comparing them to a direct competitor from Sony to see which is best, at the same price. For those who just need a phone and don’t want to spend a fortune, Aspera has a $99 flip phone with 4G available today.  For music streaming families, Spotify has added a kids version of their app with suitable music so parents don’t need to worry. Geoff, attended the launch of the DJI Mavic Mini, and boy is it “mini”! Geoff expect’s to see this one under Christmas trees this year. Apple TV+ launched over the weekend and while we didn’t need another streaming service, there is a way to get it for a year for free. Google have acquired Fitbit, this huge move could keep Google around our wrists but what they really bought was decades of fitness data. 

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