Two Sydney Harbour ferries built in Newcastle in its final years of shipbuilding have arrived home in the past few weeks as their owners prepare them for sale.

Seeing them tied up at the Snakepit berth in Carrington got us thinking. Could the graceful old ladies be put to use (after a refit of course) closer to home instead of being sold to an overseas buyer.

Jumping on and off a ferry on Sydney Harbour is an amazing journey on one of the great waterways in Australia, but so too would be Lake Macquarie. We could connect the Lake, from North to South, East to West and also bring the Central Coast closer!

Think of Ferry stops at Warners Bay, Speers Point Park, Valentine, Belmont Bay, Marks Point, Swansea, Cams Wharf, Mannering Park (connecting the Central Coast and Lake), Dora Creek, Wangi, Coal Point and Toronto .. truly connecting the Lake!


Possible Ferry Terminals
The Lady Herron and Lady Northcott tied up at Carrington


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