Tech Talk: From vacuums to kettles, our homes are getting even smarter!


Our tech guru Geoff Quattromani gives us the low down on all the latest tech such as:

What if your phone could simply recharge just by walking into a room? Wireless charging is about to mean something very different. A 5G smartphone is no longer reserved for the $1000+ market, RealMe has just announced a $499 model and I’m making the switch. A robot vacuum doesn’t need to cost a fortune anymore either with Ecovacs announcing the U2, a $399 cleaner for your home. It’s a beautiful day!  Excellent news for drivers in NSW as a world first exercise is underway to bring GPS into our tunnels. Navigation will accurately continue and first responders will have an easier path ahead.  Australian’s can now purchase a smart kettle that will boil by voice or a phone app but can also do temperature preservation.

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