Tech Talk: Vaccines on the dark web… STAY AWAY!

Brent and our tech guru Geoff Quattromani talk the latest technologies such as:

  • Kaspersky has released a report showing COVID19 vaccines being sold on the dark web. This isn’t a case of buyer beware, it’s simply a “don’t even think about it”. Info
  • A new coffee machine from DeLonghi is making adjustments using bean detection technology and with an app for remote control. Info
  • Geoff went to an in person event with Samsung and looked at their entire range of 2021 televisions and audio equipment. Looks like 75inch might be the new norm! Info
  • eScooters are still banned in Australia as the state government won’t even engage in a trial, yet they’re still widely sold in retailers. Info
  • We’re entering an age where digital property can now be sold. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, is selling his first tweet with bids reaching over 2 million dollars. Info

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