How to deal with Stressed Pets with Dr. Sam Kovac

Dr. Sam Kovac, owner of Southern Cross Vet in Sydney joins The Afternoon Show to answer listener questions and talks about stressed pets

How to identify stress in pets:

  • Panting, pacing, not able to rest, salivation, dilated pupils. 

How to de-stress pets:

  • Prepare for the stressful event, desensitize, and calm during the stressful episode –
  • dogs and cats have pressure receptors in their neck that if you massage gently can lower levels of cortisol stress hormone and heart rate.
  • Medication can also be considered to calm them as well as supplementing with legal cannabis!

Breeds of dogs and cats most prone to stress:

  • Highly intelligent dogs like working dogs and those from abused backgrounds are the most prone to stress.
  • Least anxious dog is the greyhound.

Listen to the full interview here: 

 Visit Sam Kovac at: Southern Cross Vets

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