Dealing with Cats and Dogs this Christmas with Dr. Sam Kovac

Dr. Sam Kovac, owner of Southern Cross Vet in Sydney joins The Afternoon Show to give us tips on how to deal with cats and dogs this Christmas season: 


  • Why Christmas trees are actually dangerous!  
  • Tinsel is sparkly but can can cause linear foreign your cats gut
  • Friends bringing over lilies is nice but if lilies are ingested can cause kidney failure


  • All Christmas food is rich! Unfortunately fat causes pancreatitis and sultanas cause kidney problems
  •  Careful when spending time outdoors due to mosquitos transmitting heartworm and other parasites.
  • Watch for dehydration 
  • Road trip considerations – anti nausea pills,  first aid kit – dental floss to kill tick 
  • Be aware of ‘jolly relatives’ getting slap happy and  lifting up animals and dropping them, feeding egg nog etc

Listen to the full interview here: 

 Visit Sam Kovac at: Southern Cross Vets

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