Local church leaders co-sign letter calling for action on climate change

Local church leaders have co-signed an open letter calling for government leaders to act on climate change.

The letter was released on Easter Saturday, in an unusual move for Christians to take political action on Easter.

In the letter, leaders from churches in communities affected by bushfires and floods are calling for the halving of carbon emissions, transforming to 100 per cent renewables while delivering a planned and just transition for energy workers and investing in programs to support communities on the front lines to plan, prepare and adapt to extreme weather events.

Bishop of Newcastle Dr Peter Stuart is one of the local co-signatories, along with Assistant Bishop’s Rev’d Sonia Roulston and Charlie Murry and Dean of Newcastle Rev’d Katherine Bowyer.

The letter points to the struggles of those in flood effected areas who have been hit by not one, but two major rain events in just this year alone, displacing thousands. 

Easter is a celebration of life. In order to celebrate life all people need to flourish, but we acknowledge that Australians have been enduring dark days – with droughts, bushfires, severe storms and massive floods.

Our churches, along with homes and businesses in our communities, are being burnt down, flooded and severely impacted by extreme weather. Damage to the climate is a key contributing factor to these events,” The letter reads.

Image: Bishop of Newcastle Dr Peter Stuart. Source: Newcastle Anglican.

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