Shared pathways to be expanded in Maitland thanks to more funding

Shared pathways in Maitland will be improved, and better connected thanks to another round of funding from the Federal Government.

Under the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program Phase 3, Maitland City Council has received $1.7 million which includes $280,000 for a shared pathway extension of the Maitland River Walk, a new skatepark at Ernie Jurd Oval in Largs, $429,000 for a shared pathway from Thornton Rail Bridge, down along Thornton Road to Hartley Drive, improved access for all users to John Wilkinson Sporting Complex in Bolwarra, including crossings, pedestrian access and pathway upgrades and a pedestrian refuge and improved line marking at the intersection of Belmore Road and Glenarvon Road in Lorn to allow safer travel for pedestrians and cyclists.

Maitland Mayor Philip Penfold said shared pathways are very important to the people of Maitland and the funding is greatly welcomed.

“Filling in these gaps are important and making sure that we get people moving safely through the community is important,” he said.

“Thornton has significant problems, earlier this week we were thankful to receive the announcement of funding at the intersection of Government Road and Raymond Terrace Road here in Thornton and clearly there are more roadworks that need working on here at the other end of Thornton but having the shred connectivity with these pathways is a start.”

“We have great pathways in central Maitland that we want to expand both east and west.”

The projects are due for completion in the next financial year, by June 2023.

Liberal candidate for Paterson, Brooke Vitnell said the funding is great for Maitland.

“The Maitland River Walk is an iconic local attraction that runs alongside our mighty Hunter River, I am delighted these funds will extend the shared pathway further east along the river bank, this will connect the CBD to Maitland Sports Complex,” Brooke Vitnell said. 

“Thornton Shared Pathway funding will connect the missing link between Thornton Rail Bridge to Hartley Drive, between the bus stop and rail bridge existing pathways, this will improve pedestrian and cyclist safety which is a priority.” 

“As our communities grow, our local roads and infrastructure need to improve to keep pace with the rate of development,” she said.

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