Police hunt down man who allegedly assaulted police at Raymond Terrace last month

Police have finally caught a man who allegedly assaulted police with his brother at Raymond Terrace last month.

On April 5th, officers went to a home on Cambridge Street to speak to two men regarding unregistered trail bikes, a huge problem in the Hunter region.

When police arrived they were met with a “violent confrontation” by the two men — aged 27 and 28.

Officers attempted to arrest the older man, who allegedly punched a leading senior constable in the head, causing him to fall backwards. The officer had to be taken to hospital for treatment on minor injuries.

Both men managed to flee separately, but the younger man was tracked down and arrested shortly afterwards when it’s alleged he spat in the face of two officers.

The 27-year-old was arrested and charged and is due back in court on May 20, 2022.

Police issued an arrest warrant for the older man and after a lengthy investigation the other man, the 28-year-old was tracked down in Queensland and arrested last Friday. He was extradited to NSW and has pled guilty to seven offences.

Police will allege he assaulted police, stole a officer’s capsicum spray and used that to avoid apprehension.

He’s been remanded in custody until the end of June.

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