Local oyster farms wiped out by disease

The Port Stephens oyster industry is in trouble with the areas entire oyster leases being wiped out by disease.

Oyster farmers are crying out for help from the state government following an infestation by the deadly QX disease.

It was first detected in the Port Stephens estuary in August 2021, and causes the aphrodisiac to lose condition and die through autumn and winter.

There are reports of leases at Karuah, Swan Bay and around to Tilligerry Creek suffering one hundred per cent stock losses.

Port Stephens MP Kate Washington says she and the Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Mick Vietch, will be fighting to ensure local farmers get the support they need to keep the industry alive. 

“There are solid discussion already underway between the industry and the department.

“I’ve already ensured the Minister for Agriculture knows exactly what is happening here and that there are going to be some significant asks from the industry to provide them with a lifeline.

“We’ve got entire areas in the bay that have been wiped out,” Ms Washington said

Image: Kate Washington

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