Firefighters battle huge industrial fire at Hexham

Fire investigators will continue to work today to establish the cause of a huge industrial fire at Hexham yesterday. 

The fire broke out at a scrap metal yard on Maitland Road just before 11:30am, issuing a large volume of black, toxic  smoke prompting a huge emergency response. 

More than 20 Fire and Rescue NSW crews were called to the scene from 11 fire stations in the local area attacking the fire with hoses from three sides. 

Two large aerial platforms are also in use and cranes are in position to try to break up the pile of scrap, measuring around 100 metres by 50 metres and 10-to 15 metres high.

The smoke issuing from the pile caused problems for traffic in the area and residents were asked to stay indoors due to the toxic nature of the smoke.

Firefighters were also concerned about LPG and oxygen cylinders which were stored on the site.

Crews were able to get on top of the fire and no one was injured.

Image: Fire and Rescue NSW

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