New inflatable rescue boats will bolster NSW Ambulance’s response in floods

NSW Ambulance has been given some extra resources to bolster their ability to respond to emergencies during floods in regional communities like the Hunter.

The state government has allocated eight new inflatable rescue boats to the service, which will be stationed across NSW.

It has also invested in additional flood rescue vehicles and trailers to ensure the boats can be transported and deployed where they’re needed most.

The IRB’s mean specialised paramedics will be able to deliver urgent care to patients in the middle of flood zones or during other emergency situations on the water.

NSW Ambulance Chief Executive, Dr Dominic Morgan says, equipping ambos with dedicated boats it will take pressure off other emergency services like the SES.

“The IRBs will be an invaluable resource during natural disasters, giving paramedics greater access to patients in floods without needing to rely on other agencies, who may be equally overwhelmed during a disaster.

“NSW Ambulance is continuing to invest in assets to ensure our community receives world-class care and these new rescue boats are an important part of the state’s multi-agency capability to increase our overall state disaster resilience.”


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