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Brents Business background and personality are fundamental to ask the right people the right questions every day from 12-4 Daily with interviews, News on the half hour, quizzes. music, your calls and finance reports from commsec to give you the market reports and the value of the Australian $ from the days trading.

Plus Brent interviews many more people that are going to tell us whats going from stories in the news, to the things you care about.

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Recent interviews on the show

Footy, woman in politics, political junkets, drugs at concerts, criminal fruit terrorists scum, low atar scored students offered teacher courses, …

The weather this week isn’t looking monumental the week, and Gavin and Brent chat renovating, drought, and the deeper angle …

Its the time of year to start your summer veges and Gavins has the veges to plant including strawberry’s. Listen …

Brent speaks with 2015 world champion barista and owner of ona cafe Sass Sestic, about his philosophy of coffee making …

We often fear magpie season and Brent speaks to Professor Darryl Jones about why they swoop and make smarter decisions …

Brent and Mark discuss the strawberry contamination crisis, and ask how do we keep music festivals drug free? plus teachers …

Regular guests

Mark Latham
Former Politician and smart commentator with a savvy view on Australian topics and openly says it cleary the way it is.
Dr Ross Walker
Doctor, Author, and a man with an insight on medicine and experienced cardiologist! 
Brooke Longfield
From healthy living magazine shares insights in ways to be healthy, busts the facts on fads diets, vitamins and gives general health and well being advice.
Geoff Quattromani
Leading tech expert gives a weekly update on new tech, reviews and advice.
Gus Maher GM Newcastle Tourism
Gus gives a whats on and what to do in Newcastle and general info about the tourism in Newcastle.
Dr Keith Suter
Experienced and expert Commentator on international and national  topics that affect us in business and society.

Iain “Huey” Hewitson

Better known as TV Chef Huey, gives us insight into food with his unique, once kiwi humour and observation, PLUS a  weekly tasty recipe you can whip up at home.

Graham Richardson
Former Australian politician and senator reviews the stories you want to know about  from politics of the week.