To ensure 2HD complies with the Broadcasting Standards Act 2000 we are obliged to disclose any commercial agreements 2HD Presenters may have.

Staff employed by 2HD Broadcasters Pty Ltd have NO commercial agreements in place.

Some programs on 2HD are relayed from the Super Network group of stations, these can include 2SM, Radio 97 and 2TM. A register of any agreements these presenters may have can be viewed by visiting the 2SM, Radio97 or 2TM websites.

The John Laws Show may have such agreements, these agreements can be found on the 2SM website.

Local Content

2HD broadcasts more than 3 hours of local content daily from our Sandgate Studios. Please find local content statement below.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority by law, requires this station, to outline our local content and local presence requirements for commercial radio. The following statement provides the locally produced and hosted programming (between 5.00am and 8.00pm business days), in a simple and easy to read format.

If you have any further enquiries on the content outline please give 2HD Station Manager a call on (02) 49689824. Other regulations and guidelines for local content can be found at ACMA’s

For further information, please download our Local Content Statement