Why Diesel Car Owners Are Being Hit With Massive Bills – Daniel Gardner, Wheels Magazine

A special investigation has been under taken by wheels magazine about massive bills for diesel vehicle owners, and with 1 in 5 new vehicles being diesel it affects a lot of Australians. Daniel Gardner explains to Brent what the issue is and how many people are out pocket several thousands of dollars.

Listen to the podcast here.


Who is Daniel Gardner
If you’d never been told, you probably wouldn’t guess that Dan’s the engineer in the team. Happier lining up social engagements than spending the weekend regreasing driveshaft boots, Gardner always comes back from press events with the kernel of a news story that nobody else quite seemed to latch onto. Owner of Wheels’ most flamboyantly platinum frequent flyer card courtesy of an unyielding international launch schedule, Dan’s also responsible for cutting through the jargon of latest automotive tech in Wheels’ ‘Explained’ section.

Other stuff that’s probably more relevant:

Mechanic with BMW for 10 years
Bachelor of science Hons – mechanical design
Originally from the UK, resident in Australia 11 years, citizen for 6.
Previously wrote for GoAuto, mX, Style Melbourne (not that you’d know to look at him).

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