Share a paddock – John Preston explains how farmers are being helped.

Brent talks to John Preston about helping farmers with Sarah-Jane Dunford, who owns Hunter Valley Paddock to Plate, who has offered 50 acres of her farm to a farmer – for free – who’s animals have no feed in the paddocks and are living in a dust bowl.,Getting into community spirit we decided to help a farmer struggling with drought. We have given a large amount of our pastures to a farmer who has no pasture, 40 head arrived today and another 30 head arriving soon. They will stay here at no charge until the the drought breaks and they’ve recovered.

If you’ve got a spare paddock with grass or know someone that does consider gifting it to a farmer struggling with drought. Together we can pull together as a community and help those in need. #spareapaddock #shareapaddock

Listen to the podcast here.

Here is a link to the facebook page.

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