Meditalk with Dr Ross Walker.

Dr Ross is away this week and so we have the best of Dr Ross Walker, from flu break through’s, Diabetes ,future Alzheimer’s prevention, diet products as bad as the sugar variety’s, breast cancer and alcohol links, Statins and Cholesterol, Antibitoics and gut bacterias.

Listen to the podcast here.
About Dr Ross Walker. Dr Walker has a medical practice in Lindfield on the upper north shore of Sydney. He provides a service in all aspects of echocardiography, focusing on stress echocardiography which is a well accepted, accurate method for assessing heart disease, not involving irradiation or injections.

Contact Details
Should you require emergency medical advice, call 000. Otherwise speak to your GP. Dr Ross Walker’s practice details are below.

Lindfield Cardiology Suite 28
12 Tryon Rd, Lindfield
Sydney, NSW 2070

Appointments, call 02 9415 6185

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