Macular degeneration – reduced risk of development with regular eating of oranges

Brent speaks with Associate Professor Bamami Goinpath, talks about the research that has found that its not the Vitamin C but other parts of the orange possibly flavournoids in the oranges.

Listen to the podcast here.

Who is Associate Professor Bamami Goinpath.
Associate Professor Bamini Gopinath is an epidemiologist who has been actively involved in developing and conducting numerous population health studies. To date she has co-authored over 180 peer-reviewed papers, several of which have been in high-ranking medical and health journals (with over 2000 citations to her name). Her publications have attracted >400 media stories with an estimated audience of 210 million people worldwide. Using large population datasets Bamini has provided novel community-based evidence on the health determinants and health outcomes associated with a range of chronic diseases and disability. Her ongoing research in the public health field aims to translate key study findings into health policy and practice, with the intention of targeting current gaps that exist in Australian healthcare.

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