Weather and Chat with NBN’s Gavin Morris.

Gavin gives some hope about the weather over the next couple of weeks, but this weekend is looking fine and Gavin and Brent discuss the cost of doctors to average Australians and how many are avoiding doctors due to rising costs.

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Who is Gavin Morris
Before joining the team at NBN Gavin was Senior Forecaster with The Weather Channel where he covered some of Australia’s biggest weather disasters including the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires, and the devastating storms that hit the Brisbane suburb The Gap, receiving ASTRA nominations (Australian Subscription Television Awards) for outstanding performance by a journalist for two consecutive years, a first for The Weather Channel at the time.

Gavin has been working in the media for more than 25 years and began his career with some of Australia’s leading radio stations of the era including 2MMM-FM, K-Rock and NEW-FM. Gavin’s transition into Television happened in 1990 leading the Thredbo media team. After already having a strong interest in weather this is where his passion for the weather was ignited.

After the 1993 ski season ended Gavin bought a one way ticket to Prague and began an overseas odyssey that would take him around the world. After travelling through Europe and Northern Africa he joined a 100 year old square rig sailing ship called Eye of the Wind in Scotland. After sailing past the Mull of Kintyre he crossed the Irish and Mediterranean Seas, the Atlantic and Caribbean working on two Hollywood films, Ridley Scott’s White Squall and Renny Harlin’s Cutthroat Island but it was the sail that was the real adventure.

Disembarking in Bermuda Gavin then flew to New York where he settled for the next six years. Studying extensively in the Big Apple Gavin worked as an actor and took a job with the sports network ESPN covering events such as the Super Bowl in New Orleans and UEFA Champions League final in Paris while hosting events such as the Great Outdoor Games in Lake Placid.

Gavin’s other television experience includes a year hosting a weekly show for The Movie Network where he interviewed some of the world’s biggest stars including Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crow, Jackie Chan and Sydney Pollack .
After all of this the opportunity to return home was one that he couldn’t refuse.
“Great media jobs in a regional environment are very rare and I love it. Being able to present the weather to one of the most savvy weather audiences in the country, while indulging in some of my loves such as paragliding, surfing, sailing and snowboarding is one that I cherish and appreciate”.

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