How to deal with the in-laws – Melissa Ferrari

and interfering third parties

As we enter into relationships we find that whilst we are intent upon focusing on our loving two-some, we can suddenly find that outside influences can begin to interfere in our relationships. From over bearing mother-in-law’s, to interfering siblings or best friends who still think we are single, all of it can lead to significant issues.

When these ‘thirds’ are people who we love and are important in our lives, it can be a minefield to walk through. So how do we keep our two-some strong, our relationship safe from threats and not ruin relationships that mean the world to us?

Psychotherapist and relationship counsellor Melissa Ferrari will explore what the impact that meddling family and friends can have on a relationship and discuss how you can work together as a couple to ensure this ceases to become an issue in your relationship.

Listen to the podcast here.

Melissa Ferrari is a Sydney registered psychotherapist and counsellor with more than 20 years of experience in couples counselling and individual therapy. She is one of Australia’s most sought-after therapists and is regularly called upon as a relationship expert in national media.
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