Mens Shed week – David Helmers

Celebrating mates this Men’s Shed Week

The Australian Men’s Shed Association is calling attention to the benefits of mateship across the Men’s Shed community this Men’s Shed Week (23 – 30 September). Mateship is an important pillar of every Men’s Shed – first and foremost the shed is a place for men to knock about with a group of like-minded mates. “The spirit of mateship has been synonymous with Australian culture for over one hundred years and it’s this spirit that lives on in many ways across the Men’s Shed community,” said AMSA Executive Officer David Helmers. Friendship, loyalty and camaraderie are highly valued in Men’s Sheds around the world, where shedders are offered a place to belong and contribute. “Social isolation is a key contributing factor to poor health and wellbeing for retired men and Men’s Sheds provide a place for men to connect and find purpose in a relaxed and interesting environment,” said Mr Helmers. Men from all walks of life form very strong bonds within the shed – many of whom would not have crossed paths if not for their participation in the Men’s Shed community. Men’s Shed Week is an annual event led by the Australian Men’s Shed Association to highlight the contributions of Men’s Sheds to their members’ health and wellbeing and to the wider community. “The benefits of Men’s Sheds are now recognised globally with thousands of sheds established across almost every continent,” said Mr Helmers. Last week the largest ever gathering of Men’s Sheds was held in Cork, Ireland hosted by the Irish Men’s Shed Association with almost 500 shedders in attendance. Men’s Sheds are vital community investments delivering programs and initiatives that foster community spirit and contribute to building a more inclusive Australia. For more information or to find your local Men’s Shed visit

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