The Power of Voice – Dr Louise Mahler

The Power of Voice

There are many factors that come into play as we interact with people, whether to make an impression, send a message, to influence is grow a relationship.
From our posture, gestures and eyes we are being constantly by those we are engaging with for signs of authenticity, deceit or threat.
There great significance in the success of interactions with each other relates to the use of our vocal tones, or what has become known as our ‘vocal intelligence.’
Dr Louise Mahler, one of the nation’s leading behavioural and body language experts will explore how the messaging we send from a range of tones, including shrill high tones, talking through our nose or clenched teeth, when we communicate.
As part of the segment Louise will explore why our voice is so important and how if we can master it then we can:
• Change how you are perceived by others
• Increase your ability to motivate and influence those around you
• Be seen as authentic, making it easier to lead others

Listen to the podcast here.

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