Trust or is it distrust? – Louise Mahler

The invention of trusting
Do you remember the Ricky Gervais movie ‘The Invention of Lying’ were everyone in the world trusted everything that was said, as no one had thought of lying yet. Well in our world of fake news, scam artists, banks billing dead people and and an era of political discourse that has seen leadership evaporate there is little wonder that research is telling us that public trust is at an all-time low.

Human behaviour and body language expert Dr Louise Mahler will explore what has destroyed our want to trust and what we can do as individuals to ensure that in the era of ‘doubting everything’ that no one is doubting our authenticity and honesty.

Listen to the podcast here.

What can we do to ensure we hold our own trust?

Our body is critical in conveying trust, humans have inbuilt lie detectors and in an era when trust is at a premium then ensuring you use..

• Congruent gestures
• Hold your body upright
• Keep yourself open
• Use air when you speak
• Be aware of your body placement
• Avoid aggressive gestures, such as making fists
• Maintain strong eye contact (not psychotic)
• Use head nods to build agreement
Rarely does one find a powerhouse of academic insight, observational excellence and dynamic delivery to shed new light on a topic that’s critical to us all.

Louise’s inimitable style and deep insight in her field are shared in keynotes and coaching internationally, where high-stake leadership beckons.

A foremost expert in body language, voice and emotion, Louise has a PhD in Business, and degrees and masters in Organisational Psychology as well as Music.

Her skills as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming pull together her academic study and years of professional performance on the European opera stage to put her in a league of her own.

In the process of completing her award-winning PhD, Louise observed a ‘missing ingredient’ in corporate leadership around the unsung wisdom of the mind-body-voice connection she calls Vocal Intelligence. These blended skills bring powerful observation that elicits discernible, positive change and together with an understanding of the psychology behind high-stake engagements and the structures for handling emotion, combine to build the Mahler Method.

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