“Saving” Australia Day thoughts with Mark Latham.

Mark Latham tells Brent Bultitude his thoughts about Australia Day and the controversy around moving the date.

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Mark Latham, with the help of Jacinta Price, has launched a campaign to save Australia Day: 

Help save Australia Day! Mark Latham’s Outsiders has been gearing up to Save Australia Day.

Seven weeks out from our great national day, the Left-wing attempt to “Change The Date” is getting stronger. It’s time to fight back with a public campaign preserving Australia Day on 26 January.

If the Left succeeds in moving or abolishing Australia Day, there is nothing about Australia that will be safe into the future. These lunatics are even arguing with statues of Captain Cook! …

Thank you for watching the fundraising appeal video and helping out if you can. Isn’t Jacinta Price the best? A powerful Indigenous voice for common sense.

Please share our campaign as widely as you can on social media and support the campaign: Credit card – support.marklathamsoutsiders.com (and click on the Save Australia Day icon) Cheque – address to ‘Save Australia Day’ and mailed to PO Box 455, Broadway NSW 2007

Every cent will be spent on Saving Australia Day.

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