Tech Talk – To Compost or Foodcycle?

Brent catches up with our tech guru, Geoff Quattromani who has ditched the smartphone and opted for a simpler life. He is now using a basic Nokia phone and am adjusting to less beeps and buzzing. If composting and sustainability is your kind of thing, then the Breville Foodcycler could interest you. It reduces your food waste into eco chips for less landfill. The 2020 list of most used passwords has been released and lets remind listeners again that 123456 is not a secure password! He has also been testing a new wireless charger with a built in speaker. It’s a great combo product that is working well on the desk or bedside table. We’ll see this emerge in 2021, it’s a phone that can extend it’s screen to be a small tablet. Not folding but rolling, like a scroll.

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Geoff Quattromani

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