Barrington Tops too dangerous for sightseers

Snow flurries have been spotted at the Barrington Tops overnight, but we’re being warned not to go and have a look.

Access to the Barrington Tops is still closed from the Gloucester side due to a landslip and an unstable section of road in the Barrington Tops State Forest which was damaged in the March 2021 rain event. Repairs have been going ahead around the wet conditions of the past few months.

You can access the Pol Blue campground and the Barrington Tops from the Scone end, but parts of Hunter Road are unsealed and it’s steep, narrow and winding. The snow that has fallen could turn to sleet or black ice making driving extremely dangerous, even for 4WD.

Hunter Valley Police District Chief Inspector Guy Guiana said the road isn’t designed for large amounts of traffic at the best of times, let alone for a sightseers.

“With strong winds, there is also potential for trees and branches to fall, posing a direct risk to visitors, and possibly blocking access into and out of the area.”

NSW Police may close roads at any time to ensure visitor safety.

Barrington Tops this morning 31 May, image taken by Moonan Cottage.

“During extreme weather, the status of roads on Barrington Tops can change at short notice, including during your visit. This could prevent access to or from snow covered areas and visitors may either have to turn back after long periods of travel, or even become stuck in sub-zero temperatures,” said Chief Inspector Guiana.

“Mobile phone reception on Barrington Tops is very limited so always check road closures and conditions before you leave Scone.”
Chief Inspector Guiana said it was vital that visitors planning a trip to the Barrington Tops were prepared for rapidly changing extreme weather including rain or snow, strong winds and sub-zero temperatures.
“If you get stuck or are involved in an accident, help may be several hours away. Always pack additional warm clothing and extra food and water and tell someone where you are going and when you’ll be back.”
For up to date information about road conditions on the Barrington Tops contact the Visitor Information Centre at Scone on 02 6545 1526 (or Gloucester on 1800 802692); or visit the relevant agency websites for closure alerts, or ‘Barrington Tops Snow Chasers’.
Image: Moonan Cottage Facebook page
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