Taxi drivers concern saves life of Raymond Terrace man

Quick thinking taxi drivers have most likely saved the life of a Raymond Terrace man who hadn’t called for a taxi in a couple of days.

The drivers noticed on Sunday afternoon the man hadn’t called for a regular pick up for several days and contacted emergency services concerned for his welfare.

NSW SES Port Stephens and local police went to the man’s home and when they couldn’t hear the resident, and no one came to the door, they used equipment to cut open the front door and get inside.

Emergency crews located an elderly man who had collapsed and was in a semi conscious state. The SES Rescue operators started treated the patient before NSW Ambulance Paramedics arrived.

The man was taken to hospital by ambulance for further treatment.

The SES said had they not received the initial phone call regarding concern for the residents welfare the outcome may have been very, very different.

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