Heddon Greta Drive-In thrown a 12-month lifeline

The iconic Heddon Greta Drive-In has been thrown a lifeline, for a short time at least.

Developers met with owner Scott Seddon last week and said a cooling property market meant they’ve pushed back starting construction on a 63-lot housing project for another 12 months.

So instead of closing in July this year, the drive-in will have a little longer to show movies on the big screen staying open and operating until the end of July next year.

Mr Seddon confirmed in September last year that he had sold the business and the land because of a development application for 63 residential housing lots that had been submitted to Cessnock Council.

Mr Seddon made the announcement in a Facebook Live on the Heddon Greta Drive-In Facebook page last night about being able to operate until next year, but he said while they can stay operating, it’s up to the local community to come and support them.

If they don’t get the patronage they’ll close the doors.

So, head to the Drive-In and remember if you don’t like the movie, slash the seats! 

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