Sophisticated aircraft based at Williamtown deployed to help Ukraine

It’s been confirmed that a sophisticated aircraft based at Williamtown will be deployed by the Federal government to assist Ukraine in it’s fight against the Russian invasion.

The Australian Defence Force will send an E-7A Wedgetail to Germany for approximately six months from October, along with 100 crew and support personnel to help protect a vital gateway of humanitarian and military assistance.

The government said the plane or personnel won’t enter Ukraine or Russia during its deployment.

Australia’s six E-7A Wedgetail planes are operated by the No. 2 squadron and are based at the Williamtown RAAF base at Newcastle.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said it will beef up Ukraine’s capabilities.

“This contribution is very significant, both for what it will do but also for what it symbolises.

“This aircraft will help to protect the multinational logistics hubs that are essential to the flow of military and humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine.”

The RAAF E-7A Wedgetail is equipped with a high-powered radar, used to monitor the battlespace and provide friendly forces with an advantage over their opponents. They’re also capable of refueling in the air and have a range of more than 7000 kilometres, and can cover more than four million square kilometres on a single standard mission.

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