Dusting of snow on the Barrington Tops making Aussie Ark animals feel right at home

The animals at Aussie Ark are feeling right at home after a dusting of snow on the Barrington Tops. 

Aussie Ark rangers woke to a winter wonderland yesterday after snow fell above 1300 metres coating parts of the Barrington Tops region in snow. 

It’s perfect for animals like the Tasmanian Devils and Eastern Quolls but not so much for their keepers, although it won’t stop them from providing continual care to the endangered species.

“It took me little longer to get to work this morning than expected, but it was a sight! The devils were out and about exploring the snow – it was a really incredible day to be at work,” said Dean Reid, one of the keepers at Aussie Ark.

“The cold doesn’t really bother most of the animals, for Devils and Eastern Quolls it’s just like a slice of Tasmania!”

With breeding season just passed, the young joeys born at Aussie Ark were keeping warm and safe in pouches.

Image credit: Aussie Ark

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