Hunter New England Health no longer listing all exposure sites

Hunter New England Health is no longer listing all of the exposure sites in the district. 

The low-risk exposure sites won’t be listed as they are assessed as being a low risk of exposure, like supermarkets and other shops. 

Health authorities have found no evidence anyone has actually contracted COVID-19 at a supermarket where a confirmed case has been. 

Health districts in Sydney have already stopped listing every exposure site, and the Central Coast Health District has made the move as well. 

The focus will be on people who have potentially been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case at their household, their workplace, high-risk facilities such as healthcare, aged care, school or childcare centres, and any location where transmission has been identified or is considered likely to have occurred.

Exposure sites where health authorities can confidently identify everyone in attendance do not need to be listed publically, such as schools and childcare centres – this is because every individual who is affected can be contacted.

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