Winter Wonderland at the Barrington Tops

A huge dumping of snow has fallen at the Barrington Tops overnight.

Snow chaser Rob confirmed 20 to 30 centimetres of snow had fallen around Polblue and the Dingo Gate overnight posting beautiful shots on the Barrington Tops Snow Chasers Facebook page.

Rain yesterday afternoon and into last night combined with sub-zero temperatures made it cold enough for it to snow above 800-metres.

Authorities are advising not to go and see the snow though unless you have the appropriate equipment — the main access road to the Barrington Tops Plateau from Gloucester is still closed so the only access is from the Scone end which isn’t a very safe road.

There are some very happy animals at the Barrington Tops today, especially at conservation organisation Aussie Ark.

Aussie Ark is located at about 1,350 meters above sea level and this is the first snow for the year at the Ark which isn’t foreign to a little bit of frosty weather.

“Despite the snow and ice, the team are already out braving the cold to continue providing the best care to our wildlife,” said Dean Reid the Aussie Ark Operations Manager. 

“Most of our animals are incredibly use to the chilly weather. Species like the Tasmanian Devil and Eastern Quoll especially love this weather – it’s like a slice of Tasmania!” 

This first blanket of snow occurred right in the midst of Tasmanian devil breeding season, and right before the organisation is prepared to start pouch checking females for joeys. As the devil joeys are being bred during the coldest part of the year, the little ones are surely taking advantage of the warmth in their mum’s pouches.

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