Blue green algae alert in Maitland

Locals in Maitland are being urged to stay away from Rathluba Lagoon at Louth Park after recent testing found dangerous levels of Blue Green Algae.

Maitland City Council is warning that human and animal contact with the water should be avoided in the area. 

Blue Green Algae when in bloom can be harmful to humans and domestic animals.  Blue Green Algae can contain neurotoxins, liver toxins and skin irritants.  If people believe they or their animals have been affected by blue green algae they should seek medical attention.

In other parts of Maitland, Telarah Lagoon has been denoted to a Green Alert meaning it doesn’t pose a threat at this stage.

Walka Water Works on the other hand is still listed as a Red Alert for the algae even though it remains closed due to the discovery of asbestos in the buildings on the site. 

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