More than 20km of new mountain bike tracks proposed for Glenrock

Hunter mountain bikers are being urged to have their say on a plan for 21 kilometres of new mountain bike tracks proposed for the Glenrock State Conservation Area.

The national park stretches from Merewether to Dudley with about 10 kilometres of mountain bike trails.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service’s (NPWS) draft plan for more trails will see the 21 kilometres of new track and 7.6 kilometres of unauthorised track will be upgraded.

The proposed track network will consist of the existing tracks, proposed new tracks, management trails and public roads will be used to link sections of ‘stacked loops’. There will also be three new skills areas which will enable riders to improve, practice and test their riding skills.

“Together these elements of the proposed mountain bike network, situated within a clearly identified recreation zone, will improve the rider experience, provide an ecologically and culturally sustainable track network and enhance visitor safety across the park.”

The NSW NPWS said the proposed network will result in the closure and rehabilitation of approximately 30 km of inappropriately located, unauthorised track.

The draft plan is on the NSW NPWS website and available for comment until February 2023.

You can find it here: 

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