Barrington Tops Forest Road finally reopens to motorists

After nearly two years, the Barrington Tops Forest Road has reopened today. 

A huge repair project has been underway after significant rainfall and flooding caused substantial structural damage in early 2021 – there were landslips on the Gloucester side of the road and the road surface was badly damaged. 

The road has been closed since then creating a huge local for local tourism and communities as it is the only access route from the east coast to the Barrington Tops State forests and National Parks, and is also used as an alternative access route between Gloucester and Scone.

It’s been a major engineering feat as well with over 12,500 tonnes of material, or more than 2,000 truckloads removed or replaced in order to make the road structurally sound again. 

Forestry Corporation Stewardship Manager, Kathy Lyons said it reopens the Barrington Tops to everyone.

“As the main link between Gloucester and Scone, we are very pleased to have completed these works and welcome people back to the beautiful State forests of the Barrington Tops,

“I’d like to thank the community for their patience and understanding while we completed this project to make the passageway safe and ready for reopening.

“Thanks also to the team of staff, contractors and engineers who made this extraordinary task possible.”

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