Nationals promise funding for two multi-million dollar projects in Upper Hunter

The NSW Liberal and Nationals Government has made two major announcements for multi-million dollar projects in the Upper Hunter.

The first is the remainder of the funding Muswellbrook Shire Council needs to get the Denman to Sandy Hollow pipeline project underway. Council had to hit the brakes on the project after a recalculation of figures found they still needed $9 million to get the project off the ground.

Incumbent MP Dave Layzell said he his government is re-elected Council will get the money they need.

“There are multiple benefits to be had from building the water pipeline between Denman and Sandy Hollow,” Dave Layzell said.

“It will provide water security for residents along the pipeline, especially those who currently need to purchase domestic water supplies during hot, dry weather.

“The water quality there has been so bad that if you have a business where you are running taps and hot water units, they are needing to be replaced almost every two years when you’ve got the level of saltiness in the water that is actually decaying the equipment.”

If they get the money, Council would have the project completed by 2024.

Today, the Coalition has made another big promise.

If they are re-elected on March 25, an additional $9.5 million will be invested to build the Coal Road Connection for the Muswellbrook Bypass project.

“It was the NSW Nationals that requested Transport for NSW go back to the drawing board when designing the Muswellbrook Bypass to allow for a future connection at Coal Road,” Dave Layzell said.

The $340 million Muswellbrook Bypass is jointly funded by the Australian and NSW Governments with early works well and truly underway on the project.

“Another advantage of the connection will be improved access for emergency services including NSW Fire and Rescue, NSW Ambulance and NSW Police.”

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