Workers rally at Eraring calling for National Energy Transition Authority

Ahead of its looming closure, workers at the Eraring Power Station at Lake Macquarie are calling for a National Energy Transition Authority.

State Labor committed to creating a Hunter Clean Energy Transition Authority ahead of the NSW Election last month.

According to the Electrical Trades Union, a National authority would coordinate across all stakeholders to ensure workers or communities are not left behind in the transition to net zero.

Today, 150 workers, community members and elected union officials will gather at Eraring – ETU acting National Secretary, Michael Wright, said a transition authority was beyond overdue.

“The transition to renewable energy is not some distant, hypothetical event. It is happening now and workers and their communities are shouldering the burden.

“When a massive mine or power station closes it has to remediate the environmental mess it leaves but it has no real obligation to fix the social impact of its closure. That must change.

“This is a basic issue of justice. The fact you happen to work in an emitting industry should not mean you wear the cost of a global shift by losing your livelihood and your community.

“We have been heartened by the reception we have had from federal Labor about establishing a transition authority and are hopeful of good news in the coming Budget. Our Union will relentlessly advocate for all of our members to make sure the transition to renewable energy is an opportunity, not a cost.”

The rally starts at 12pm.

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