Senseless vandalism at Swansea football grounds

Vandals disrupted Swansea Football Club’s games yesterday after an incident on Saturday night. 

The Club committee headed down to Chapman Oval to set up for yesterday’s games and discovered a neat, rectangular hold had been dug right in the middle of the field. 

The reason behind the senseless act isn’t known. 

Police are reportedly investigating as those responsible allegedly stole five shovels from the club’s storage area on Saturday night that were used to dig the hole. 

Anyone with information or CCTV footage of the area is urged to contact police. 

The club posted on their Facebook page that “there is nothing more disappointing than heading down to the fields for our Sunday games to see our field has senselessly been vandalised,”

“As a committee we work so hard for the community to get on the field and have a great weekend with friends.

“There are no words for this act it is pointless right in the centre circle if you have any information about the people responsible please reach out to us.”

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